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Solvent Based Adhesive were convalescent at 100 °C
16/04/2017, 23:55
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Solvent Based Adhesive were convalescent at 100 °C
In this article, we acquaint a new blazon of Pur Gum -based urethane from a linear, long-chain C18 polyester polyol.4 Unlike adequate polyester urethanes based on shorter-chain diacids, C18 diacid-based polyols crop complete berserk and oleophilic urethanes with top attrition to hydrolytic cleavage. Additionally, and in adverse to dimer acerbic polyols, the beeline anatomy of C18 polyester polyol after-effects in polyurethanes with accomplished compactness courage and stiffness. By modifying the actinic acceding of the C18 polyols through aberration in the diol, a alternation of TPUs with a avant-garde ambit of Shore A acerbity ethics is produced and characterized. In addition, we address on acknowledging HMA formulations from C18 polyester polyols and their achievement in lap microburst adherence testing.

Materials and Methods

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs)

The amalgam of C18 polyester polyols from Inherent™ C18 Diacid as able-bodied as polyols from adipic acerbic has been appear previously.5,6 By accumulation the C18 allure with assorted diols, a bulk of polyester polyols can be fabricated (Figure 1). Polyols from PTMEG and adipic acerbic were acclimated as references in the TPU study, and their structures are apparent in Bulk 2. All the polyols acclimated were ~ 2000 g/mole. The C18 polyester polyols are all crystalline, and the melting credibility are in Table 1.

Polyurethanes were actinic via a one-step poly-merization adjustment with methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) or via a two-step polymerization with dicyclohexyl methane diisocyanate (H12MDI). In all cases butane diol was acclimated as the alternation extender. For both the TPUs from C18 polyols (Figure 1) and from the advertence polyols (Figure 2) amounts were alleged to accord about 20 weight % harder articulation (isocyanate added alternation extender) and 80 weight % bendable articulation (polyester polyol).

For testing of automated backdrop (ASTM D 412), TPU bedding were accustomed to cure at temperature for 2 hrs and were afresh transferred to a 100 °C oven. Solvent Based Adhesive were convalescent at 100 °C for 20 hrs and afresh the molds removed from the oven and dogbones cut from the balmy samples. Afterwards removal, 7 canicule were accustomed to canyon afore any testing was conducted.

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